sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2015

The best of L.A

I really love reading about people exploring new places. It gives me a sense of exploring I didn't knew I had. L.A is a place that lots of people find overestimated. When I think about traveling for some reason I always think of anywhere else (mostly New York). But posts like this give me a view
of the city in an eye-opening way. Now I would really like to go to L.A and explore the  amazing restaurants and the lovely beaches. But mainly, reading this makes me want to go out side and have incredible adventures.

The new word i found out about is juxtaposition. It is a technique in which two or more ideas are placed side by side for the purpose of developing comparisons and contrasts. Ella uses this word when she is talking about how she saw ad felt L.A through her journey.

Ella's Blog: www.weneedtolivemore.com/uncategorized/discovering-l-a/
Literary devices: literarydevices.net/juxtaposition/

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