sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2015

Acne Studios new eye opening campaign

It's refreshing to see something outside of the normal. The first thing I noticed were the fantastic  photographs for this campaign featured by Frasse Johannson. I think they are clever and unique. It's great that they have not put this collection in a box. Where only certain people can wear it, but instead they've embraced something that many people may think it's unusual or alternative.  And that's what makes this campaign exceptional.

Reading the article I discovered a word i didn't knew the meaning of. The word is donning. That means to put on or dress in. I guess that is a common word on the fashion industry. This word was used when they described 11 year-old Frasse Johannson wearing the new fall/winter 2015 campaign for women.

Acne studios:www.acnestudios.com

Teen Vogue: www.teenvogue.com/story/acne-studios-fall-2015-campaign-boy-model

Dictionary: dictionary.reference.com/browse/donning

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