domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

Why We Broke Up

I just started reading this is book and it's like nothing I've read before. I had never experienced a character that was so into movies (Min, the main character). It's very different from the last book I read ,Vanishing Girls, that I loved, but it's still relatable and fun. Also I really appreciate the drawings because they make the book come to life. 
 The new word I discovered is entwine. This word is in the box and it means two things that are twisted around each other. 

An interview with Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is one of my favorite musicians ever. His new album Blue Neighborhood is amazing, and I can listen to it non-stop all day. This interview gives you a little bit of behind the scenes of his life and his projects. You can learn more about his ideas and the creative process behind his work (which I'm a big fan of). I think that because he puts so much on the internet we think we know everything about him, but this kind of interviews prove that there's still a lot more to know. And that's exciting. 

The new word I discovered was nuanced. That means a subtle difference in expression. And this word is used for describing what they will be asking Troye about. 

Illustration by Kati Yewell