sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

A look into Tavi Gevinson's life

This is an interview, where they asked questions to Tavi Gevinson the editor in chief of Rookie mag. It´s amazing to see how someone in , kind of, my age group has accomplished so much. I really like how she is so relatable in this interview, but at the same time it feels like she is so different to me in a lot of things.  I find funny that this blog that is aimed at teenagers also helps older people. That makes me wonder if my life as an adult will be similar to my life now.

While i was seeing the video there were a couple words i didn't recognized. One of them is ethos, that means the character o disposition of a community, group or person. That word came up when they were talking about how she discovered feminism and how she feels and felt about it when she was younger. The other word is irked, and it means annoyance, irritation, anger, or unimpressed. The interviewer asked her if she felt empowered or irked by the fact that people saw her success linked with her age and how our society is so obsessed with youth,  and at the same time she is aging.

Rookie mag: www.rookiemag.com

Dictionary: dictionary.reference.com/browse/ethos

Urban dictionary: www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=irked

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